25,000 reasons to smile today

Finally, it seems luck is on my side again. Was doing the usual online gambling with money I don’t have. Spent $600 and was getting nowhere. I was down to my last $125 with no hope in sight. And to make matters worst, that $600 was suppose to pay for my car insurance. I’m screwed if I don’t win, I recall thinking in my head.

We’ll destiny would turn out to be a friend of mine. Bwith my past $125, I deposited $50 into the online casino. Quickly, my winnings shot up to $2000. This was it! My big break. I requested a withdrawal, told my mom and friends about my winnings.

Then I had a change of heart because I accidentally requested the withdrawal into the wrong account. So I reversed the withdrawal and the money was back in my bank roll. I started to gamble again. Any other day this would end up being my worse nightmare. But lady luck was on my side. I quickly got up to $10k before deciding that it was time to cash out. I updated my mom and friends and requested the withdrawal.

Out of nowhere, I wanted to be sure that I set my bank account information up correctly. So I reversed the withdrawal request and decided to play some more. Usually this is where the story takes a turn for the worse. However, today I lucked out.

Quickly my winnings rose to $25,000. I thought about cashing out but kept playing to see if I could break new personal records. As I played, my bankroll dwindled back down to $13,000 but I persisted. In no time, with a few good win streaks, I got back up to $25,000. That’s when I decided that enough was enough. I quickly submitted the withdrawal request. There’s no way I am touching the money now until it lands in my bank account.

I feel great that for once luck is on my side. I can now pay off some of my debts or even go to Cambodia to get married. I’ll probably save $10,000 for emergencies. We’ll see where life takes us.

Proof of my winnings attached.

888Casino is legit. Received my deposit last nite. I also won another $5K last nite. That will be deposited next week.