Big Day - BF/GF

Jessica and I have been dating for 4 months now. We have gone out on 2.5 dates. Our first time out together when we first met doesn’t count because after meeting at my office we went to taco bell and I didn’t pay.

It’s close enough to being three dates that I’m starting to have real feelings for her. I sent a semi-joking meme asking her if she would be my girlfriend. She didn’t quite get it so I had to explain it to her and she laughed.

It was one of those pics with the handwritten question “Will you be my girlfriend” and a box for yes, no or maybe… like in grade school. She never did answer the question but agreed to another date with me this Friday. We’re planning for Indian or Mexican. I’m offering her a choice this weekend.

The Indian food is my comfort food but the Mexican is aight. I want Jessica to feel at home because I’m planning a big night with roses, chocolates and champagne. I will be asking her to be my girlfriend that night. It will be our 3rd official date and I feel that we’re ready. It might also be the first valentine’s ever that I’m not single!!!


Everyone knows that it is called Single Awareness Day for the singles out there. I wonder what the singles are thinking right now. Hmmm…

Single Awareness Day… LOL tis a SAD day indeed.

Well, we ended up cancelling the date coz I was short cash. By the time I had enough cash for dinner she said for me to keep the money cuz she knows I could use it. I guess I will be single this V-Day as with any other year.