Boundaries in Friendship/Relationship

I haven’t heard from myb for a week now. She got mad because I creeped her FB and brought up her ex. She got emotional on SMS and told me to never talk to her again. Did I really over-step my boundaries? And how do I walk away outta this one unscathed?

ROFL! so u finally found a new way to creep her out. give her time. she’s gonna get hungry eventually.

I hate how technology is a blessing and curse at the same time. I should just leave conversations for face-to-face meetings. My senses don’t work properly over SMS or the Internet. At least when we’re physically together I can sense when a topic will be uncomfortable. And even if it’s not comfortable, we can usually work things out better when we’re physically with each other.

lol. cant be doing that bro. like i understand the urge to just want to hit on everything moving but you gotta have some standards. u dont have to take a drink of water out the cup every time you get thirsty.

You don’t know me at all. I do not hit on anything and everything that walks. There are plenty of women at work that I talk to a regular basis, especially on smoke breaks, but we keep it professional.

I just didn’t think it would be a problem to bring up the ex. She got angry though. She said she hates him and don’t want anything to do with him. Unfortunately for me, because I brought him up, she put me on ignore too. She’s such a drama queen.

rofl u know better than anyone what u do or dont do. just what youre willing to admit online already kinda gives off red flags. not saying youre a pedo just because u creeped her fb and asked about her ex. lol thats not the way id go about things. if u want to get to know a girl just talk to em. i dont even fuck with fb anymore too many creepers. but like i said u creep everyones fb that u meet? u see what im saying people gonna start to think things just off that comment alone.

Lol we’ve known each other for a year now and I just came across her old profile that said she was in a relationship with her ex. She’s being over dramatic.

u like them dramatic girls dont you. nigga i cant get away from these bichs fast enough.

So get this. She messaged me today asking for some money. I respond and asked some questions. I’m willing to send her the money, but not before talking with her. She hasn’t responded back yet. I find it so random that her response to all my messages is a text asking for some money.

i dont know this chick but if she only talks to you because she needs money I would immediately block that number. da bich would have a better chance finding a job than getting a dollar out of me