Changing Careers (again)

I’m at a crossroad in life again. I thought I was happy with where I am at with my job & career. Apparently not because during the holidays, I started sending out job applications in response to job postings found online. I must have sent out about 30 applications and received a response from 3 of them.

The first company that responded really wasn’t interested in hiring me. He reviewed my resume, saw all my Web Development experience and then assumed that I was looking for more than $20/hr (as posted) because of my experience. In the end he said he’s looking for more of a project manager and I have a lot of development experience. He said, I should be getting paid a lot more because of my experience.

So, I kept applying. I ended up doing a phone interview with a company in Kitchener that deals with Smart Cities technology. During the interview, the interviewer said my experiences align with the company and that they would be following up some time this coming week. They asked what I was seeking in terms of compensation and I told them $50K-$60K/yr. To which the interviewer said that the company had the same figures in mind so there was no issues there. Now, I just wait for their follow-up. This job seems like a dream job minus the commute. The commute would be pretty close to 1.5 hours one way, so I might be looking for an apartment in the city if I were to get hired.

That very same day, another company called me, with a work from home opportunity doing soft sales. It seems like a very easy and rewarding job and the company paid decently as well. The starting wages is $45,000/yr base salary (about $21-23/hr), with unlimited commissions earning potential. I may consider this position, but at the end of the day, I might not even consider any future employment. I’m happy with where I am at even if I do not get hired elsewhere. I just hope something pulls through.

It’s true Mister_Children said he likes to job hop. I didn’t want to admit it, but I do the same thing. I’ve worked at over 20 companies since the late 1990’s with no signs of stopping. I do want to plan for my retirement and the current company I’m with has a matching pension plan which I don’t want to lose. However, a higher wage would warrant me changing jobs.

I job hop all the time because it’s fun. At one time, I quit a new job within 3 weeks of training on the same day after they flew me to La Vegas and back home for more training. They asked why, told them my reason, they accepted, forgave, and we parted way. YIPEE!

By job hoping, I’m building more different skills, evolve into a different field I’d never imagine I would be in, and know exactly what I want in life. I don’t see myself working at the same company and job forever since time is changing fast, and so is the industry. The downside is I get bored easily; I’m searching for new ship to sail.

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I have a natural tendency to job hop, but in the past it was because I had quit another job, got laid off or were fired. Usually in those circumstances, I accept what I am offered right away. Now that I’m job searching while being employed, I have the upper hand because I can research more into the companies to determine if that’s the career path that I want to take.

When switching jobs, I want to know that it’s going to be in a stable, permanent role. One of the guys at my current workplace is only 33 but he has been at the company for 14 years. He currently receives a wage of $27/hr, while because I’m just starting out only earn $16/hr. Also with the group pension plan, he’s racked up a whopping $100K in savings for retirement.

If I am switching jobs, I also want to make sure that it’s higher paying so that my efforts are not fruitless. Starting with a much higher wage, in 5 or 10 years I will earn a lot more in the new position than if I stayed 20 years at my current position.

I’m going to be honest though, I have a good thing going on and will only change jobs if it’s a really great career move for myself. I was recently promoted from my current job and received a small bump from $15.60/hr to $16.10/hr. However, the new knowledge group that I’m in pays upwards of $21/hr for more tenured employees which is significant.

I’m somewhat afraid to change jobs because I don’t want to lose a good thing I have going only to end up on the losing end with the new company. I remember back in 2014-2015, I left a job that paid $11.50/hr, for a job that paid $17/hr, only to be laid off from the new company six months down the road because it’s a small business and they were experiencing a downturn. I ended up losing my apartment in the process. I don’t want that to happen again.

worked on a barang family farm since 15yo getting up by 4am to feed, bathe, milk cows, drive tractor, bale hay, etc in frigid upstate new york mornings.

16-17 worked at urban nyc farm and greenhouse during high school, growing organic veggies and seasonals like spring mums, annuals, poinsettias, etc.

18-20 worked on campus at nyu while finishing 1st degree

@ 21 finally started working for a well-known ‘company’ near wall street… but 9/11 happened a few blocks away and i quit, vowed never to work for corporate Beast system again - which means any company. worked in real estate with zionist-types but they were buying slums, insuring them, then burning them down which reminded me of wtc atrocities regularly… so quit and moved cross country.

kudos to those who can waste their lives working for various random companies; it does suit the moodiness and instability/drama of most people out there.

cheyo! to fellow entrepreneurs and philanthropists who tend moreso to literally do what they love.

That’s nice that you succeeded on the farm. That tells me that you have a connection to the land. As for me, I’ve been into computers since the age 5 and did not do so well working on the farm. The computer taught me how to be lazy lol

This is the main reason why I want to hold onto my job and quit it with job hopping.

Please don’t take this the wrong way - you mentioned that you worked for multiple companies since the 1990’s. According to the screenshot you took, it looks like a form of a retirement plan, possibly a 401(k) which is very common in the private industry. How come it is so damn low after 30 years? Is this from one company? What about the retirement savings from the other 20+ companies you worked for? Maybe you did not get a chance to roll them over? Retirement consolidation should make your life easier if you haven’t done yet. On the brighter side, it appears that you allocate your pre-taxed monies to what your company matches, in which many people that I know - even the brightest ones - don’t even do!

I can go on and on about retirement. It is extremely important to me, considering I don’t want to work past 60. Your colleague, who has accumulated $100K in retirement at 33, is still financially behind in terms of retirement savings, according to a study (Forgot where, but I am confident about the numbers. I can find if you want proof.) But he’s better off than many millennials right now.

I don’t see anything wrong with job-hopping. That two-word saying brings a negative connotation. I’d like to think of it as exploring better opportunities, but then again, that’s me and I’ve only worked for less than 5 different companies/organizations within the past 20 years. However, each move to a different company were either for financial gain, less stressful work environment, job security, or shorter commute. This comes to my next question - which part of the States, assuming you are in the USA, are you from? Have you considered relocating? Geographical locations means a lot, since you mentioned around the $50k per year salary, which is awfully low for around my area.

Any way, job-hopping is historically and socially frowned upon, but I don’t see it like that if the reasoning behind the movement is beneficial to you and/or your family. Considering you are in the IT sector, gaining various skill sets is extremely important when building your IT repertoire. I have no web development experience, but I can attest to it, because I am too in the IT industry. So, job-hopping does help you put more on your resume.

BTW, KL has become mature now or what? Haven’t been on here for a long time.

LOL this is just from my current company. I just started saving in October last year when my six month period of employment had passed. With my previous employment, I was not fortunate enough to have such plans.

All of you are lucky. At least you have the option to work, to job hop, to do what you want to do. My life change when I was 24. During that time I was full of energy, full of dreams, worked 2 jobs, double majors, full of everything. I was working at UCLA Medical Center in the pharmacy department hoping that when I graduate college, I will start a pharmacy. I had it all planned out and then, just a matter of 1 life event, everything went down hill. Diagnosed with MG and I lost everything. Because of this, It force me to be a freelancer, so I don’t have a real career. I’m a college dropout, live day by day doing odd job, whatever my health can bear.

On a good day, I daydream that I feel so well, I can go back to work. About 1-2 hours later, I feel weak again and all that wishes are for another day.

Whatever your plan is, it’s never too late to start anything as long you have good health. So don’t forget to take care of your mental and physical health!

I’m sorry to hear about your battle with MG. I’m not sure what MG is but it sounds like it’s taking a drastic toll on your life. I take it you are receiving SSI dollars because of your disability? I know it’s not much, but at least there’s a small safety net for you in America.

I know the pain of dealing with health issues. I have been diagnosed with ankylosing spondalitis since my 20’s. Back then it was so bad that I couldn’t get out of bed. I kept fighting through it and had a positive mindset tho. Eventually the symptoms subsided. In addition to that, I have schizoaffective disorder which does takes it toll on me some days.

Doctors didn’t think I would be able to work again because of my mental health. But so far I have proven them wrong. Just know that you’re not alone. We’re all fighting our own battles. I hope one day you will be well enough to earn a decent a living.

1 in 3 Americans work full time.

2 in 3 Americans now has at least one chronic illness (and 1 in 5 has several chronic diseases).

over 2 in 3 Americans doesn’t even have a few hundred dollars saved for an emergency; most cannot even afford sneakers!

and 9 in 10 Americans (virtually all) now finance their vehicle instead of own it.

I would be part of those statistics if I were American. I’m sure it’s similar in Canada. And then you have people who can only dream of owning a mortgage in Toronto, where the average price of a detached home is over $1million. I’m in such a bad financial shape right now and I keep spending my savings at the casino. I have $0 to my name and I’m extremely car-poor. My car payment is $323/bi-weekly. And my car insurance is $435/month. It just dropped from $570/month. I don’t have money for anything.

I don’t know how old you are, but I’m sure you have heard this before: “Today is the best time to invest. Tomorrow is the second best time.” Something like that. Doesn’t matter how old you are, you have already started saving for your retirement, which is great.

Based on your comments, it appears you live in Toronto or somewhere near there. My cousins, who I plan to visit a few months from now, live there and boy, they tell me things similar to what you said. It’s outright expensive. The price of living in the big city is not forgiving for many people trying to financially establish themselves. I can relate, since I live in the Los Angeles area. It’s brutal.

To somewhat lessen your financial burden, may I suggest selling your car and get a working, cheaper, and reliable vehicle that would save you money in the long-run as a temporary means? The amount you pay per month equates to $600+. That’s a lot man. It doesn’t look like you had enough when purchasing the car, or maybe your credit score isn’t the best at the time. I would save up and once I get enough for a nice down payment for a car, then hell, I’m going for the nice cars.

Anyway, I know it’s hard for people, since they have had a unique lifestyle and the feeling of having a car that meets their social standards is necessary to them. I’m only suggesting this, because after reading in between the lines in your words, it seems like you’re hurting a little. We all do in some aspects. Good luck.

Damn, I honestly had to look up MG. I will give you personal anecdote. I suffer from an incurable autoimmune disease that was diagnosed in my grade school years. From time to time, I ended up in the hospitals. It felt like one understood my condition at all, no matter how much explanation I gave to them, which frustrated me even more. My flare ups had the best of me. I was always tired for no damn reason. The pain was unbearable to the point where I wish I could just sleep forever. Well, nope, because the problem is that my symptoms wouldn’t allow me to sleep. To make things worse, meds like Prednisone kept me up all night AND got me into a bit of trouble.

I read that MG is an autoimmune disease, so what I wrote above could be relevant to your situation. We all know that all conditions are not the same, and the severity in one person and another person differs. What I’m trying to say is that I am not comparing my pain to yours. I am just trying to relate to you, and I feel your pain, at least to a certain degree.

In terms of jobs, because this topic is on job hopping, I made a personal decision to leave the private industry. You probably already know why - it’s difficult to hold a job when sometimes you deal with shitty people, get into depression, hit a flare, and can’t get yourself back into remission again. In private, not all but in my experience, they could care less about me. Embellishing how important I was to the company and other sugarcoating words meant nothing to me. Those were BS, because I still got let go. Moving on to the public sector helped me tremendously. Yes, there are still hurdles I had to jump through every day, but the public sector cannot make any excuses if someone is covered by the ADA and was approved for FMLA. This is job security to me.

I’m not sure which route of employment are you aiming for and the severity of your condition. I hope you get yourself back up. And I hope you feel like it is not the end of the world. You have my empathy.
I wish you well.

TouCool, trust me, I wouldn’t give it up. It’s the newest car I’ve ever purchased and it drives great. I love not having to deal with the car breaking down and not have to replace things on it. I just need to manage my money a bit better because technically I should have enough to cover all my expenses. One thing for sure, I need to stay away from the casino. That place keeps sucking my money.

Well, I ended up not landing either job opportunities. The work from home position made some lame ass excuse that they found a more suitable candidate, even though she told me she was running training classes every week for the next few months. I guess she wasn’t interested in paying the $2000 sign-on bonus to me.

The Smart Cities opportunity said they decided to go in a different direction. I’m glad though because the commute would’ve killed me.

Now I have another golden opportunity to work with a company that teaches kids how to code. I’ve been mentioning to my girlfriend for the past couple months how it would be my dream to own one of their franchise one day. When I saw a job opportunity with the company get listed online, I applied into it and received an interview request shortly after. My interview is this Wednesday, I might hold my breath slightly for this one. It’s definitely a step closer to making my dream reality. And my mom says to own that franchise would be something good to do and she’s supportive of it.

taking some time off from schoolwork and dropped in to see how everyone has been. lol you changed careers again. shocker. anyways im currently in the process of making the transition from former gunloader/marine into the field of psychology just to find out this is one of those majors where you really need a master’s or above to milk it for all it’s worth. So far so good I love the field but I’m not going to lie you realize how fucked up you are and how fucked up everyone else is around you.