Confessions at Work

Had a chat with the Executive Assistant to the top boss at our centre today. She ended up telling me exactly where she lived. I joked and told her we’ll throw a party there when the coronavirus dies down.

I want to make a confession to her though. I don’t think it’s a big deal, but I don’t want it to come across the wrong way. I want to confess to her that I had a dream about her last summer where we got married to each other. I think it’s funny as hell! And it was just a dream!

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Lucky you. Having good dreams and shit. All of my dreams have been nothing but straight ass. You know those wet dreams that everyone gets? not me. I’m always having some wake you up in the middle of the night can’t go back to sleep type mightmares. So much so, I just choose to drink myself into oblivion so that I can just pass out and not remember a thing. On a side note do you remember the last person to ever knock you out I do. ROFL it was so bad I remember why I made it a point to never get knocked out again. Bruh when I woke up i was laying on the ground with a 2x4 broken in 3 pieces. Apparently this nigga cracked me in the head with a 2x4. it broke. he picked up the longer piece and crackled me again. ROFL it broke again but by that time i was down but not out. Two swift kicks to the dome and your boy was either falling asleep or already asleep. The only I reason I brought it up was because my last dream… You guessed it. The nigga who knocked me out was in my fuckin dreams beating me up. I havent been able to sleep in weeks.