Corona Virus Madness

This is a video explaining the Corona virus.

Did you catch the part about Resident Evil?

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first off it kills people with compromised immune systems. So, if you are walking around with a compromised immunse system quarantine yourself so you dont get sick. cause motherfuckers don’t know they have it. and the press is fucking too stupid to inform the popuplation that there is no need to worry,.

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Apparently all of Italy is on lockdown right now. I just can’t imagine what I’d do if that were to happen in Ontario.

chicken noodle soup!

The markets have tanked the past couple of weeks due to coronavirus concerns. This public health issue is quickly becoming an economic issue. I’m not sure how the gov’ts of USA and Canada will climb out of this situation, but it already seems Donald Trump is already trying to use it to his advantage by declaring himself a “wartime” President.

All I know for sure is that the time is ripe to be buy a lot of stocks. I will have between $20,000-$30,000 to invest in the next few months and I already have some ideas of how I’m going to invest. For sure, right now the companies really hurting are Travel and Tourism companies, including Airlines, oil and gas companies as well as bars and restaurants.

Take for example Air Canada stock. The stock was trading at a 10-year high of $51.08 in January. If you had invest 10 years prior from that date, that stock had increased over 3000%. So, if you had invested $10,000 ten years ago, you would have close to $400,000 in your bank in January. However, since coronavirus fears, the stock is now sitting at $12.15. Which makes it prime for buying.

I have a whole list of stocks on the TSX that I’m looking to buy. I will wait for the market to bottom out first. I know that the stocks will continue to tumble when the Q1 and Q2 earning reports come out.

i dont put my money in stocks because I understand very little about the markets. i understand hedging your risk and shorting stock, which i think is sorta fucking risky but I understand the need for hedging. Shorting stock though is some balls to walls shit though and I wish I had a million dollars and a broker with some juice.

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It’s not that hard to follow the markets. You just gotta analyze which business/industries are doing well and which aren’t. Events that will cause the business to be slow will affect earnings. Right now the travel industry, including airlines, oil & gas, and bar & restaurant industry are severely impacted. Manufacturing has also taken a temporary hit. On the contrast, retailers like walmart and online retailers like Amazon are doing well due to the pandemic.

thats just the tip of the iceberg. You realize why only the most ruthless and fucking brilliant
short sell because they are just a tier above everyone else when it comes to fucking doing that leg work and really digging because ultimately you want that to hit zero so when they talking about sharks its really them that these niggas is talking about. So it’s whatever is necessary I’ve heard of short sellers camping out fucking companies and just hemming people as they come out for lunch or go to their cars. They dry calling former employees. Yo these niggas is some savages. I wish I had the background to do something like that. I really am interested in short selling. I used to do all types of shit with other peoples money. Made them bank. One time i fuckin lost all my money right. this girl came outta nowhere she cute right and she was i dont know how to gamble and she was like can you gamble for me you look like you can gamble. Im like really bich i just lost all my fucking money. u stood there and watched me lose it. but bro i fuckin won with her money haha and she became my ride and die bich for a min

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Yeah… I think shorting a stock is too risque for me. I don’t like to play on negativity. I view trading as a long-term investment and plan on investing for the next 10 years. It’s a buyer’s market right now, but I cant seem to shake off my gambling habits first.

I still believe the market has not bottomed out yet, so that may buy me some time to launch my arsenals.

its gambling with other peoples money and if you fuck up. damn id hate to be that person and it is not for everyone

Well, I’m not investing with other people’s money, but my own instead so there’s less risk. The only person impacted by my investment decision is myself.