Edutainment - Gaming for Education and Entertainment

Some parents view gaming as a vice, but the reality is that gaming can be both fun and educational. When I socialize with card players vs. non-card players, I find that card players tend to be sharper than their boring counterparts.

Gaming teaches kids and adult fine motor skills and helps to build associations and concepts. That’s the reason why I am investing my time in building up my casino project from a few years back. This had been planned for many years but nothing came to light.

In light of my recent interview at a recent kids coding center, I discovered that the center teaches kids how to code by letting them create exciting games. I also discovered that their platform of choice for developing games is Unity so I looked into it for developing my own card games. Not only am I getting up to speed in case I land the position with the coding center, but my casino is finally progressing at levels I am far more excited about.

Here’s an overview of my recent progress with the game