Greatest Mysteries of the World

What the title says. This thread will be that, and answers to questions.

What are Aliens and UFOs? The real identity of the so-called aliens are ‘Fallen Angels’. Fallen Angels are demons who come to manipulate and destroy mankind. They run away when a person calls on the name ‘Jesus’. The bible says that Jesus is THE WORD. The term UFO is a man-made word created in the 1940s through the 1950s.

What killed the Dinosaurs? Two things. One; a global flood. Two; human hunters. Would it shock you to know that humans and dinosaurs have always co-existed? Dinosaurs have always been around. They’re still around, but their population got smaller. A Stegosaurus is carved on the Ta Prohm temple. The ancient Khmer people drew what they saw.

That’s it for now. I can more after this. Feel free to do your own.

Great topic. I recently watched Ghost Rider on TV. In the movie, it talks about how the devil can sometimes take on human form. However, when he is in human form, he becomes very weak. So to carry out his deeds, he finds people who will make deals with him, in the process giving up their soul. His power on earth is through the handshake.

why today’s blatant inverted reality?

ie, warring for peace?

poisoning for health?

shooting up schoolkids for gun safety?

mere child bodies, yet already demon infested?

soldiers ‘serving’ America… or Satan?

Niga what do you know about UFO’s? i used to be like FOH wit that shit but the homie kept talking about that shit all the time to the point where i was like ok fuck it imma watch this documentary with you. next thing you know im like hold up. now im more like why havent these motherfuckers invaded us yet?