Happy Endings 😋

I find this is what 99.99% customers wants… its like the new universal way to close business deal… satisfaction! ppl aren’t happy nowadays until you ask if they are satisfied. I find half the time they will say they are already happy and leave, and the other half, they will take that opportunity to say what’s missing (ie, they want something free, etc) and then they are happy!

What constitutes happy endings for you?

when i read the title i thought to myself he talking about one of them massage parlors? lmao i know places like these exist rofl. didnt the owner of patriots get caught in one of them joints? but yea back to the question at hand. what kind of business deals are we talking about retail? i never dabbled in retail really cept when I was 19 working at a store.

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the best deals are one where everybody wins. However, somebody always try to get more. The key to closing successful business deals is to find out why each party want what they want. Sometimes, even if both want the same things, each may have a different reason for wanting it.

I want majority control of a business because I want to earn more. My partner might want more control because they want more say in the business. Fine, give me the majority with some non-voting shares. And give the other party more voting shares.

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