Have you ever done digital marketing?

I have an online store. Initially I was going to try drop-shipping, but I hate that business model. Also, being in Canada that business model doesn’t work because even shipping from the USA is expensive.

So now I’m designing t-shirts and keeping inventory of my items. I was going to try print on demand and source my own equipment to print the t-shirts, but decided to go a different route.

I now have a local supplier printing the t-shirts for me. For my first batch I ordered 150 t-shirts. One design in 5 colours and 6 sizes, both for men and women.

My products will only be available in Canada as I’m focused on making my brand National. There are future plans to capture the International market but now is not the time.

To target my customers, I’ll be running Facebook ads. I previously worked for an e-commerce shop running Facebook ads. I was the only one in their IT department and I was running the entire show.

After a couple days of running ads for the company we finally made our first sale and more sales followed. I’m hoping to repeat the same successes with my own store.

It’s true my inventory is limited because I’m just starting out. But you gotta start somewhere. Even if it’s starting out with just one design. I have plans for more designs. My focus first is on making my first sales.

I ran FB pre-launch ads to see how much interest I would get for my products. After two days, I stopped the campaign because I didn’t want to lose out on potential sales. I decided it’s best to wait until I’m ready to process sales transaction before I run the ad campaigns.

After a couple days with the pre-launch ads, I spent about $10 on ads and received 15 likes to my store’s FB page. It was working better than I expected, but like I said I stopped it because I didn’t want to miss sales opportunity. I don’t think all 15 people would’ve bought anything. Maybe only 1 or 2. But I still didn’t want to lose out on those sales. So now I’m preparing my ad campaigns.

I should be getting my t-shirts from my supplier this week. Then I’ll be able to launch my ad campaigns again. I’m hoping it will be successful. It will not be cheap to market nationally. But I’m confident I can capture nationwide interest.

I was working with a consulting firm to guide me on running ad campaigns, but they gave me a few weeks to get my inventory ready then we can dive into the ads.

So the question I asked is if you’ve ever done any type of digital marketing before. And if you ran successful campaigns, do you have any tips or tricks to offer. Feel free to PM me. I’d love to build up business contacts.

am a powerseller on ebay since like 10yrs now but they take 10% commission on top of paypal taking like 3% of every sale.

since everything is hand-crafted by me, am considering etsy. dunno what their commission structure is tho.

ideally would resort to a website but I don’t know web design plus then how would ppl find my stuff indeed?

yt, google, facebook are the the literal e-pitome of evil so wouldn’t touch them with a 10ft kdaw…so ebay works for the time being.

what commerce/merchant checkout system is best for pushing web orders to paypal? so far I like zencart best and seems open source.

now all I need is a web designer that knows zencart!

10% commission isn’t too bad. Amazon takes a 15% cut on most product. I was selling at item that retailed for $3500 and the commission cut on that was $525.00. That’s a lot of money on each sale.

What is it exactly that you sell? Handcrafted by you? Are you doing some woodworking or something more crafts and jewelries?

I can help you with a website if you’d like. If you want an e-commerce website I’m currently offering free e-commerce website design. The payback is 10% commission on the products that you sell (billed monthly).

10 ft kdaw lmao

The system I used for ecommerce is wordpress with woocommerce. That is the most effective system and it’s simple and straight forward with a lot of power, capability and support.

Hit me up if you want to complete your e-commerce store plan.