High school/College Transcripts

I wasn’t the best kid in school

keep it up bro. u should go to college and finish that bachelors. contrary to popular belief i am busy with school except this summer. i jus didnt have anything left in the tank lol. ive pretty much been smoking pot and drinking beer with the homies as usual

I’m enrolled with University of the People in their Computer Science program. With full-time studies (3 courses per term), I will finish in 3.5 years. Well within my goal to earn my Bachelors by 40. I won’t have time for anything either.

thats a good idea. im a traditional kinda guy i always try and take 9 units on campus one online course to complete 12 units. ill be done may of next year. To be quite honest. im not the best at time management. after three years in college i still procrastinate.but it wasn’t as hard or intimidating to me anymore. Before i hated school and dropped out 9th grade. true story they made me repeat ninth grade i dropped out again at a different school. nigga u dont how it feels to be a year older than everyone else. I said fuck that shit. LB unified said agreed. they promoted me to 11th grade. i dropped out again HAHAHA

Curiously, why did you decide to go to the scam that was Everest College instead of a legitimate public school like Fanshawe?

Damn that nigga said you went to a scam college rofl. man i hate schools like that. Dont get me wrong America has colleges like that also that cater to people who go that distance route. It’s meant to be a compliment to what you are learning within the classroom instructions. I mean it’s hard to feel pressure from someone you never meet. shit who do you go to for tutoring? fuck that online shit. i like being around people and talking to everyone

It’s not the degree that makes the man, but what the man does with the degree.

I went to Everest, I turned out fine. Any school has its good and bad. I had students at Everest in the IT program complain they weren’t getting quality education, but all they did was play games in class. The IT program was ahead of its time, it taught students (if they take away from it) how to be resourcesful. The program was no different than an online progrsm, except theres an instructure there onsite to help.

Then I met homeless people who went to Fanshawe because they couldnt land jobs after graduation.

To be honest, I withdrew from the social service worker program at Fanshawe and ended up working in a factory. I just wanted out and Everest pulled me in. When I joined they were CDI College. They changed to Everest just before my graduation.

i dont know the whole get down on everest. information is widely disseminated on the internet. who knows what is authentic. thankfully my bs detector is working fine. actually it just seems odd that you wouldnt want to get those credentials. studies have shown over the course of your working life you will be giving up wages because of this simple piece of paper called a degree. it makers a big difference i think otherwise why would people pursue these degrees so vigorously. every year thousands of graduates spend countless hours crafting their resumes loking for work.

life is so competitive man. i really want to go out there and just blow people out the fucking water. I want to beat niggas for whatever job im applying for. shit there’s layers to this shit. research about the company writing thank you letters. a resume is something you should be proud of being to able to have. a lot of niggas might not respect that but shit i really dont give a fuck what other people think. thats four years of my life and thousands of dollars in motherfucking tuition. im gonna win

keep doing you. you’re doing fine.

BE more ambitious especially when you’re young. I look back and i wish i had the same vigor in my step. when i was 19 i was working full time and taking 9 units. Go out and parlay with the homies as soon as i got off work or class tril 6 in the AM.

by the way, are you backwards ivan?

my problem is i want to do a lot but not enough time in the day. doing uni plus either lots of OT or my side hustle. i swear my 40’s gonna be a lot more successful.

yea i feel ya. i was one of those cats that tried to make up for lost wages by doing overtime-triple overtime weekly. the checks were nice but when u working 60-70 hours a week you feel like what the fuck is going on. dont get me wrong the money is great but i wanted to work 40 hours and make the same amount. lol

For-profit private colleges with no accreditation like Everest/CDI are outright scams compared to public schools with full accreditation. These are institutions that are only in it for the money and you can tell just by look at your transcript where you scored exactly the minimum required mark in 3 courses. Doubtful that was coincidental.

I’m just saying you’d have opened up far more doors for yourself had you studied Computer Programming at Fanshawe or any other public or fully accredited school. But that’s neither here nor there at this point. I just hate seeing people throw their money away at crap when there are better alternatives out there. I don’t know a single thing about University of the People but I hope you’ve done your due diligence this time.

It’s not no accreditation. They were accredited by the federal government, but that means that they don’t tie into the provincial education system. Public school don’t mean sh*t though. Harvard is a private school and ranked amongst the top in America.

Lucky for me, Everest College taught me to be resourceful. After graduation, I started my own company, built up my portfolio and proved to companies that I have what it takes to be a Web Developer/Programmer. My focus is on entrepreneurship, even if it means I will have to fail 15 times before I become successful. At least entrepreneurship, coupled wtih my college diplomas has opened many doors for me.

It’s very dangerous to think that the public school system isn’t about money. It cost money to run the system, all coming from tax-payers and tuition fees. However, the public school’s tuition fees are subsidized by the government, so students pay less for the school. Who pays for the subsidy? Tax payers.

Except that private colleges and universities in Canada are nothing like those in the United States. Most post-secondary institutions in Canada are public (and all public schools are non-profit) and the ones that aren’t have nowhere near the reputation that Harvard does. Go ahead and name me one if you believe otherwise.

Of course all schools require money to run. The point is that some schools like CDI are for-profit while others are non-profit. You’re essentially paying for your diploma at a for-profit school. These are institutions that couldn’t give two shits whether you’re truly passing or failing so long as you’re paying their tuition fees. Non-profits will always provide the superior educational experience because their motive to succeed isn’t profit-driven, but driven by academic reputation in order to attract the top students from around the world.

You seem to be so misinformed. I paid market rate for my education. A student who goes to public post-secondary pays the same rate but it’s subsidized. Students from out of province or out of country don’t get the same subsidy and pay more.

I’m fine with my education thank you very much. I’ve had a wealth of experience from my education. At the end of the day, to succeed in tech you have to learn how to be self-taught to keep up to pace.

I’ve even heard of self-taught people doing well because at the end of day its not about what the govt cirriculum mandates you learn. Most of us will not be working in the public sector, but for private companies.

You can argue all you want, but the proof is in the pudding. I’ve learned how to be independent from govt expectations because I chose a different route. I dont really trust the govt anyway. They always be changing the cirriculum bassed on which party in power. At the end of the day, I’m concerned with making money, not having useless knowledge.