How to win a girl

lol hints tip tricks to impress a girl. im talking to a girl who is out of my league right now i did something that totally turned her off our first date i wont mention what but i think shes apprehensive about dating me. she ghosted me for like 2 days and all of a sudden last night she text me talking about she felt bad. lol i thanked her for the sex and kept it cordial. now she wants to talk but no flirting. the sex was great and our conversations are amazing. shes a bio major going into premed.

Did u bluff your way into her heart?

i didnt say shit that wasnt accurate about me. she knew who she was dealing with i just kinda think it was something else but i wont dwell. ive got much more important things to worry about for the time being

Just do you and the right girl will come along.

bruh. im 10 days out from finals i pretty much had to put her to the side and focus on these exams and quizzes.