I feel terrible about what happened

Long story. All you need to know is that I feel terrible.

So what happened? All I know is you feel terrible, but no reasons as to why.

It’s a story about a girl. I called her baby and she threatened to call the cops on me if I keep saying shit like that lol

We’ve known each other for 11 months and I left messages where I was just as forthcoming with my messages. We eaten out together many times and I paid. We’ve been to church together. And were planning a one-year anniverdary, or should i say friendaversary trip to toronto.

She has split personality tho, and i think this is one of the times that her split personality taking over lol

I ended up writing an angry response and put her down when she threatened to call the cops. I felt terrible. I have since apologized but she has not responded.

lmao you called her baby and she called the cops ROFL? cuh time to move on

yeah im moving on. in my response i told her that she gets with losers and i dont wanna be a loser. i told her that im happy being single anyway.

she been hanging with her 28 year old neighbour tho and i know she has a thing for him. her reaction is quite clear.

welp. at least now u know. only girl you should be buying lunch for is your mom. the rest of these bichs can stay hungry

i thought we really had something. i just finished a poem that I was gonna turn into a rap song.

It seemed like a perfect match. She’s schizophrenic with split personaliy. I’m bi-polar/schizophrenic. She spent a week in jail on assault charges and i spent close to 3 months. but im still too good for her lol

2 wrongs dont make a right. Right?

in this case fuck that bich. she called the cops on this nigga. understandably some of his actions might have been misconstrued but nonetheless bich violated for a plethora of reasons. im not gonna jump to conclusions but it sounds pretty fucked up using this nigga for a damn near whole year for meals.

you dont you dont get it. i cant fuck the bitch cuz she wont even let me call her baby lol

i wonder what happened between us hanging out at the small lake with her friend and us drinking beer at my house.

lmao. you still over here trying to figure out what you did wrong.maybe she was just using you in the first place.

we are talking again. she agreed to go out on monday, but by that time i was broke. she’s 10 years younger than me. im gonna go easy on her. she probably just needs time to get accustomed to being in a relationship with a man a decade older than her.

hahahah going back for more eh? gl rofl. as for me ill be hitting the books take it ez.