Investing in the Stock Market

Maybe you’ve heard about the Nasdaq exceeding it’s pre-pandemic value. It hasn’t been all that rosy on this side of the border with the TSX. I recently purchased $5000 worth of stocks thinking they’re prime for price increases. However, just the opposite happened. The stocks decided to go South. I’m currently down about $400 by investing in the stock market. I may have been better off just holding onto the cash.

It’s a good thing I’m investing for the long-term. I don’t plan on selling these stocks for another 10-15 years. By that time the pandemic will be long over and society will probably be experiencing business growth once again.

With the stock prices taking a tumble, now may be a good time to invest even more into the same stocks. I’ll be adding an additional $8000 to my portfolio within the next week or two. The lower the price, the better to buy.