Is this real or scam?

A prospect recently contacted me through my business Instagram. He simply asked if I do computer repairs. I told him I did so he asked me to price out some work for him. He said he has 14 used Dell PCs that needs Windows 10 installed. Gave him a quote of $2040CAD for the installation including Windows license for all 14 PCs ($129/PC+tax). I sent him the invoice then he asked me for a favour. This is where my scam alert became heightened.

He asked if I could invoice him $3200 for delivery. He says he’s going to ship the PCs to me. Apparently the delivery driver can’t process credit card transactions. That’s what got my scam alert heightened. I was a bit hesitant at first but I ended agreeing to invoice him for delivery too. The total came to $5240.78. He says he will pay by credit card right away

If he pays me it should be all good. The payment will appear in my bank within 1 business day. However, I’m worried that this somehow could turn into a scam. I’m not sure how exactly. But something seems fishy.

What do you think real or scam? Only time will tell.

More information needed to make a determination. It definitely sounds very sketch. My only guess is if it’s some sort of scam the closest is a parcel mule scam. They basically buy items with a stolen credit card (unbeknownst to the middle-man). Then they ship it to the middle-man (the mule) & have them re-ship the item to the fraudsters’ next location after the service is completed, if it is necessary. Did you do any research on this prospective client? Just curious. Do keep us posted.

His payment was rejected by my payment processor and I received an alert of highly suspicious/fraudulent activity. Ended up telling the Client, since it appears he’s based out of the US, that I am only able to provide service within Canada. Recommended that he find a local shop to save on shipping cost. He’s finally off my case.