It's a small world we live in

I was on my smoke break today and talking to some peeps, just socializing like usual. We were talking about the coronavirus and what constitutes as essential services. My attention shifted to a girl sitting in the smoking gazebo. We kept talking then after a while she said she knows me. I told her that she also looks familiar, but I can’t remember from where.

As soon as she told me her name, I identified her as the girl I had gone to our high school semi-formal dance with. I remember going to that dance with her and we kissed. then the next day my ex-girlfriend came up to me and asked me why I went with this girl instead. My ex-girlfriend said if I had asked her to the dance she would’ve said yes.

Well, I never saw the girl I took to the dance until 20 years later–today. She told me she went to a different school for the rest of her high school year and that she got married at 18. She has three kids and her oldest is 16. She told me she wants to leave her husband and move up north.

Apparently she said she noticed me when I first joined the company a year ago. She did a search and checked to confirm it was me and it was. She looks gorgeous tho. I had no idea that she was part native, but now that she’s older I really notice her native features.

Seeing where this new found connection will lead us. It’s definitely a small world.