Life Doesn't Go On Forever

We’re not promised tomorrow. Everyone is going to die. Everyone has to leave this Earth at some point.

Far too many people are tied to their jobs or careers, whatever titles or positions they have. Paying their bills and all of that stuff. Is this the end-game? That’s not what this life is about.

As the title says; Life doesn’t go on forever. There are things that are important to know. People don’t care or want to know about deeper things because they are to wrapped up in the things I just mentioned. There is a life after death. It will either be accepted or dismissed.

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From an economic/financial standpoint, it’s good to be working in a well-paying job that will allow you to pay your bills and budget accordingly. People seems to have the image of money has being evil, but money is not evil, human intentions can be though.

Money allow good working people a means to sustain a standard of living. Money helps to control costs and make buying decisions. But you’re right, that isn’t all there is in the world, but just because we turn to spirituality doesn’t mean we should abandon our control over our finances.

I believe in God through Jesus Christ and I believe in Buddha too. I believe they both are enlightened beings sent to this planet to teach mankind a lesson. Jesus Christ came to this world to save us from sin. Buddha came to help us reach enlightenment. I believe that both are contributing positively to this world, but when you look back upon the stories from the bible where rich individuals were asked to give up their wealth and follow Christ blindly, you should ask yourself whether their decision to keep their wealth helped the next generation of their family lineage.

It’s good to follow spirituality and religion but we should do so with an awakened sense. Somebody has to pay for the church, for the temple. Someone has to pay for the materials in this world so we can enjoy and worship every day.

It’s good to find balance so that we can achieve our spiritual goals and still have a bright financial future. Maybe it means being more kind-hearted to those who are struggling. Maybe it means being socially responsible. The key is to find that balance.

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