New Career Path due to COVID-19

I’ve been laid off since the end of March this year due to COVID-19. The employer was only expecting us to be laid off for 60 days, but as the scale of the pandemic became apparent on the company and industry, we were given notice to attend a meeting a couple weeks ago. It was a short meeting. We were all told that our centre is shutting down because the industry doesn’t look like it’s going to recover until 2021. The least for the centre expires this year and corporate management decided they were not going to renew the lease. Just my luck! Another company I’m being laid off from. I never have luck with finding just one stable company and sticking with it.

If you’re wondering which company this is. This is the call centre for Marriott International, the world’s largest hotel chain. The travel and lodging industry was severely impacted by COVID-19. I remember in the weeks leading up to our layoff, most of the calls were for cancellations. Oh well, onto bigger and better things.

Some good news out of the works, I’ve incorporated my tech business and working on getting licensed as a Mortgage Agent as well. I’ve been studying the Mortgage Agent course for the past week and writing my exams tomorrow. I have a brokerage lined up who’s ready to take me under their wings and welcome me to the family. All I have to do now is pass my exam tomorrow with at least 60%. I’m confident I’ll do well. I was very attentive during my online studies. Read all the chapters, watched all the videos, passed all the quizzes and took part in the discussions.

Eventually, I’ll probably dedicated most of my time to working as a Mortgage Agent. It’s 100% commission position so there’s no hourly wage, but it can be really rewarding. My brokerage estimates first year earning to be between $75,000-$95,000/yr. And I’m ready to dive head first in this game.