Noteworthy Conversations

We all socialize to some extent, some more than others. At work, at home, church, temple and on trips/outing some of us run into the most interesting conversations. Once in a while, the conversation becomes profound and prolific. When that moment strikes, share your conversation with the KL netizens.

Conversation today, August 19, 2019 between me and a co-worker:

Co-worker: There’s a problem with this USB stick.
… (do some testing) …
Me: It’s probably got water damage
C: How, from when you were swimming with it?
Me: I swim with sharks not with USB sticks.
C: At least we know the sharks can handle the water.

Me: I don’t know about her she’s gone M.I.A. Probably gone to Mexico City again.
Co-worker: No, she’s gone to Miami.
Me: Ah, Miami. Welcome to Miami. Oh, you mean Miami, the airport code.
C: Yeah MIA. I didn’t think it would take you that long to figure the joke.