OMG! Filthy Rich Khmai 'Donut King' is now Homeless & Broke!?

The immigrant who became the ‘doughnut king’ had wealth and clout – and a nasty gambling habit. Now he sleeps on a trailer porch.

On the porch of a friend’s mobile home in Long Beach, the Cambodian doughnut king falls asleep each night shivering.

Once, he enjoyed the warmth of family and the respect of his community. Once, he was a poor boy who carried away one of Cambodia’s wealthiest daughters. Once, he was a millionaire who met three U.S. presidents.

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i occasionally gamble but this man has some issues. i wonder where he is now? selling donuts or perhaps gambling?

From filthy rich to just plain filthy. Oh, how the mighty has fallen. I never wanna see any of my brothers down though. I hope he picks himself up and dust himself off. Life is too short to be broke and homeless. Take the experience and do something good with your life.

keep on gamblin and yo ass might even be able to afford a donut lol

I know someone who had a gambling addiction. He turned fifty dollars into a thousand dollars but he just kept on playing and he lost it all. His answer was because he had all that money and he thought he could make more.

Had he won twenty thousand, he would have played it all away. His mindset was, I have all this money and I’m going to play and try to win more money.

Very sad. This is what the Donut King was suffering from. He thought to himself that he had all this money at his disposal and he’s going to play as high and much as he could. Sadly, the house always win.

The question is, “Why?” you have a business that generates revenue, why would you just throw all that money away?

It is an addiction. It makes no sense and that is why he broke.

Gambling is vicious. My mans is a dealer at the gardens. this niga has seen the dark underbelly of gambling. the stories ive heard froim him cold. and i know this cat since i was 14 so when he told me dont gamble bro i listen.


Gambling is more addicting then drugs. I’ve seen people lose everything… sad just sad.