Out Of Body Experience

Has anyone ever had one? I haven’t had one. So I’m curious.

A lot of people don’t think Heaven or Hell are real. There’s a lot of testimonies you can watch that testify or tell you about what a person saw or experienced.

tis a shame most all ppl eat, medicate, and overall do things (ie, text all day or have sex without deep love) that keep them descended.

esp folks that did meth or even too much nicotine, weed, etc… their soul is gone yet they’re here, physically, living off energy from others literally like vampires. ask ppl what they actually did/ate/drank for the day and u have insight into who or what they really are!

i find 432hz binaural music helps transcend all the pineal bombardments like flouride, 5g, and chemtrails! the feeling of rolling/rising out of then dropping back into the physical body when returning from astral travel is so profound.