Police Brutality/Cover up

Why is it that the officer’s side of the story almost always get credibility? There was a story recently about police in Ldot covering up a beating of a woman who went to the station. It’s unbelievable how easy it is in most cases for police to get away with their brutality. Lucky for the female victim in this case because the media was able to dig up video footage of her interaction with the police, including scenes of her beating.

I’m in a long battle with Ldot police myself right. It seems no matter how I choose to argue, the police side just wants to discredit everything that I say. Charges aside I have very credible concerns that are not addressed. To leverage my position against the police board, I mentioned to the tribunal how I was interviewed for a board position with my local police department, however left for college shortly after my interview. The President of the board had knocked on my door and asked my mom where I went. She told them that I left for college. It’s no doubt that things would have been different had I taken the board position.

I’m hoping my past affiliation with the police crime stopper’s program and that board interview will get me some credibility in my longstanding battle. Ideally, I’d like them to pay the $1.3million and charge my ex-boss for the cost. That would be win-win.

I could go into detail about all the wrongs but it would be long to explain. So I’ll just make it short and simple. We live in a world that is evil. Where those who are asleep need to wake up. God and the Devil are real. You need to wake up to this reality.