Post your rides!

Why is it so quiet in here? I guess everybody living their life outside of KL, probably too busy raising a family. And the reason for this post is because I had family in mind.

I returned my old beamer to the dealer and recently went on a vehicle hunt. My credit situation is so shitty, I didn’t think I would be able to finance a car. However, I came across an amazing dealer and they pulled all the stops to get me my car. They worked with me even though I recently filed a consumer proposal and the details wasn’t even finalized yet. The dealer rep joked that I owed her my first born because of all the work she went through to get me financed.

I was hoping to get a Honda CRV or Toyota RAV4, but those were both outside of my budget. The dealer gave me three options:

  • 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander, SE
  • 2018 Jeep Compass. North Edition
  • 2018 Nissan Altima, SV

The Altima was ruled out because I’m buying the vehicle with my family in mind and we need an SUV. I was gravitating towards the Outlander, but went with the Jeep because it had more horsepower and I preferred the white colour. I was already looking into a Jeep as well so when the option came up I chose to go with it.

Long story short, here’s some pics of my new ride. Post yours too!

I get ass mobile online

Say what, can you come again?

My car dealer rented me a vehicle while I wait for my Jeep Compass. The car I got to rent is a Nissan Sentra SV. The car is surprisingly a great ride even though it doesn’t have much horsepower. The acceleration is smooth and quick. It maneouvres AND make turns quite well. I am falling in love with this Nissan.

My Jeep Compass North was delivered to me yesterday. Surprisingly all the reviews I had read/watched that gave the Compass’ acceleration subpar ratings were debunked. It’s not that it’s not true, but the critics were probably driving the 6-speed automatic. My SUV is 9-speed automatic and she picks up very nicely.

I attempted to take some night time shots of my ride at the mall parking lot. It didn’t turn out as good as I expected because my camera suck balls. Nevertheless, I got in 3 decent shots and my ride looks great.

Took some more pictures of my SUV.

At Hawk’s Cliff

At Dalewood Lake