Tell about your projects

I’m getting back into Graphic/Web Design. I already have a few clients lined-up. I just registered a bunch of domains specifically for my new business project. I will be doing this as my side hustle, until I have enough projects to walk away from my current job.

Provided consultation for a client yesterday. We did 1-hr of consultation and with follow-up report. The client paid $100. I got lucky coz I needed the funds for a business networking function.

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what program did you use to make that?

i used illustrator to design the logi

this is the finished logo


My elderly neighbor here in Cambo Town just told me how she spent $300 (!!!) on a mango tree at Kun Heng supermarket, but had to return it cuz her landlord didn’t allow her to keep it - even in its big pot!

This was at the same time I was driving around like an idiot between Lil Saigon and Ctown and could not even find some fresh chi veng at any of the stores (doung mai, riverside, kun heng, kim long, etc).

So my project is to grow khmai plants and offer them at affordable prices in Ctown. But rent prices are so expensive even for a little store, so I might make it just online to start.

im officially burnt out. no time for side projects.