The Bad News Bunch

It’s been almost 20 years since I’ve seen this guy and he randomly messages me on Facebook. He was rude about it, adding Ah in front of my name and using a condensed form of my name.

“Do you remember me?” he asks. “I’m the bad ass guy with the gun and a lot of tattoos.”

Yeah, I remembered him alright. He had raided my closet and stolen my clothes and taken them with him to another city. Now he’s contacting me asking for money. And his begging game is right on par with a need-build statement.

“I’m in Cambo now. I’m in a really bad situation. Can you send me some money? I have no shelter and no food to eat.” he states. “The Coronavirus really f*** me up.”

He proceeds to provide his details for the money transfer and I just ignore the messages. Then he tried to call me through FB a few times and I refused to answer on all occasions.

It sucks for you that you gotta f* yourself over. I thought by now you’d have your act together. Some people never change. I’m not the least bit surprised. No compassion from my end here.