The Breakup - How to do it

How do you tell someone that you’re moving on?

Someone’s interested in going out with me so I wanna tell myb that I’m moving on. This new girls interests/activities also more closely align with me.

I felt an urge to break up with myb by text but thought that’s a cheap way out. So I texted her by text asking her to go out for coffee. Not sure how it’s going to work tho.

If we go out, she’ll be riding with me. When I break up with her, I’m sure she won’t want to get back in the car with me. I have her some chances and she’s being a dumb b*tch so im moving on.

LOL She said it was too late to go out for coffee so I dump texted her. So much relief over me now. Got a new chick and hopefully it will be better than the last train wreck.

Damn I thought it would be easy to get over her. Every day since the break up I’ve gone to work late. She’s the only girl in the world that gave me attention for more than a year. I’m actually sad to let her go. She actually laughed at my break up text and she’s still talking to me. Nobody else in the world more real than myb.