UN Birth: Being Born Stateless

I checked my immigration papers from the refugee camp. On that paper marked the refugee camp I was born and my Citizenship: Stateless. Which makes me ask how so many people who were born Stateless can get deported from countries like the United States after living their life outside of the refugee camp in the country.

There should be a naturalization process. There’s no way that a Stateless person can be granted or considered for Citizenship, by a country like Cambodia without having ever lived on the land. It’s absurd.

Being born into anarchy doesn’t make much sense to me though. Since the UN is an American-based, multinational organization headquarteted in NYC, wouldn’t it make more sense to include these resident misfits as part of the American Empire? Food for thought. Comment below.

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I agree with your reasoning.

However, US would never actually ‘take responsibility’ for UN births as American cause then none of the thousands of Khmai felons born in Thailand would have been deportable.