Why It's Important To Know God Exists

The world and the rest of the universe was created by God, who is also Jesus Christ. Yes, it has a creator. This world is in rebellion against its creator and lost people are following the forces of Satan. Our existence in this world here has a purpose. You have a choice to accept Jesus and be saved from the wickedness of this world, or you can reject it and die with your sins.

Ever notice how the world seems to get crazier and people don’t like to be around others? There’s real evil going on. Mankind does things to destroy themselves. But do you think they are going about it unassisted? No, it goes much deeper. Only by accepting God/Jesus and knowing about him can you understand the atrocities that go on in the world.

Another thing to factor. Everyone’s identities have been stolen. Everyone’s real history is denied to them by mainstream education and propaganda is put over true information.

Not believing in God is why you see people do stuff out of boredom. Because people get bored, they do stuff out of boredom. An intelligent being that created everyone exists, and people are being tested in this lifetime.

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I agree. God is good. It’s not too late to turn to the light. Embrace God and say your prayers every day.

Haleluyah Bro can I get an Amen?

J O Y E U X N O E L ! < 3

Considered myself an agnostic before. Now, I am Atheist. No god exists here.